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    In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in the motivations behind, and the function of, infant pointing behaviour. Many studies have converged on the view that early pointing reflects a motivation to share attention and interest with others. Under one view, it is the sharing of attention itself that is the ultimate function of pointing, and is an early manifestation of a uniquely human social cognition that is geared towards cooperation and collaboration. Two patients did not undergo posterior instrumentation, and one of these developed a kyphotic deformity that required a secondary posterior procedure. Infection was eradicated in all patients according to a history, physical examination, imaging studies, and laboratory parameters (complete blood count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and C-reactive protein). One patient developed a painful neuroma at the iliac crest harvest site, and one patient had a retroperitoneal hematoma. Owing in large part to the foresight and efforts of Wally Welker, the National Museum of Health and Medicine has become a major repository for collections of brain specimens vital to the study of neurobehavioral evolution. From its origins in the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, with the collection of largely pathological specimens assembled by Paul Yakovlev, the museum has added to its resources four additional extensive collections, largely consisting of specimens acquired specifically for comparative and evolutionary studies: Welker's Buy Ray Ban Online collection from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, John I. Johnson's collection from Michigan State University, the Adolf Meyer Collection from the Johns Hopkins University, and the Elizabeth Crosby collections from the University of Michigan. By thorough clinical examination of the patients and systematic genetic inquiry of their family background, it was found that 34.3% of the total (58.7% before age 30) were afflicted with VHL disease. Spinal hemangioblastomas were more often related to VHL disease than infra-tentorial locations (50% versus 36.6%). In addition, mean age at diagnosis in VHL disease was significantly younger than in sporadic cases (33.5 +/- 10 versus 43.6 +/- 15 years). There have been interesting reports where pregnancy has been prolonged to achieve fetal viability in both cervix and ovary cancer in pregnancy, and these are discussed below.SUMMARY: Any cancer in pregnancy is a catastrophic event for the woman and her partner, and poses great challenges for the multidisciplinary team responsible for her care. Gynaecological cancers in pregnancy are even more stressful as the woman will naturally worry about the survival of her baby, and the implications for her future fertility. Fortunately the outcome for most women and their babies is favourable..  

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